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In order to share our city with our guests, we have decorated each of our rooms around a different landmark of the city.

        ROOM             RATES
    single       USD $ 54 + TAX
    double       USD $ 71 + TAX
    extra person       USD $ 27 + TAX




La Candelaria

Room decorated around the old neighborhood of La Candelaria, considered the historic and cultural heart of Bogota.  La Candelaria conserves its colonial architecture, cobbled streets, parks, plazas, theaters, and museums, among many other traditional places of the Bogota.

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Gold Museum

Founded in 1939 with the purpose to preserve, investigate, and educate about the Colombian archeological heritage. Located in the traditional Santander Park, the Gold Museum owns the largest and most important pre-Columbian gold work collection of the world.

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Plaza de Bolivar

Located in the heart of Bogota, and where the Colombian independence revolution from Spain began in 1810. It is surrounded by the most important public buildings and historic landmarks of the city. In the center of the plaza stands a statue of Simon Bolivar, liberator of Colombia.

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National Museum

Founded in 1823 it is the oldest and most important museum of the country. It contains collections on Archeology, Art, History, and Ethnography. In 1946, the museum moved to its current building, which was until then the Central Penitentiary of Cundinamarca, or Panoptic.

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Bullfight Ring

The "Plaza de Toros de la Santamaria" was built in 1931 with capacity for 14,500 spectators. It is surrounded by the residential complex "Torres del Parque", considered an architectural heritage landmark of the city of Bogota.

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International Center

It is the financial center of the city, and many of the most emblematic buildings of the city are located here, among them are: the National Museum, the "Torres de Parque", and the "Recoleta de San Diego"–Franciscan church built in 1608.

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Town founded in 1539, and integrated to Bogota as one of its more emblematic neighborhoods. The area is characterized by a large number of restaurants, coffee shops, and its colonial architecture.

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Botero Museum

An art collection donated by Colombian artist Fernando Botero, containing the most important donation in the history of the country. The collection contains 123 works by Botero and 85 works by Picasso, Renoir, Dalí, Matisse, and Monet, among others.

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T Zone

It is the pedestrian walk with the more exclusive restaurants, coffee shops, and jewelry shops of the city. It is surrounded by exclusive shopping malls, and the Fashion Street, or Sun Street. The area is also an outdoors art gallery where many photography expositions take place.

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Colon Theater

Built in 1885 and considered an architectonic national jewel. It is the showplace for the development of the scenic and musical arts. Because of its history and architecture the theater has become an icon of the Colombian national identity.

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Mountain at 10.531 ft above sea level and 1.800 ft above the city. Peaked by the Monserrate Sanctuary providing the most impressive panoramic view of Bogota. The sanctuary has been a peregrination site since colonial times.

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Historical Center

A walk of 2.8 km through the historical center of Bogota, also known as the environmental axis. Includes historical landmarks, monuments, parks, museums, convents, universities, among other places.

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G Zone

It is the area of the city where the Hotel Casona del Patio is located. G Zone, abbreviation of Gourmet Zone, is the place where sophisticated fusion restaurants and the financial sector of the 72 street are.

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Rosario Plaza

One of the most emblematic squares of the city, holding a statue of Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada who founded Bogota in 1536.  In its surroundings are traditional restaurants, coffee shops, and The Rosario University—founded in 1653, which gives the name of the plaza.

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